Facts About Medical Coder Salary and Medical Coding Career

Before you concern yourself seriously on medical billing salary, it is must that you are aware on what medical billing is all about. Basically, medical coding and billing are about managing medical records that have something to do with medical billings, medical insurance, insurance claims, receipts and other related documents. This is typically done within service providers and health care companies.

Knowing these things, it is just fair to say that medical billers who can manage documents and codes and prepare bills accurately are badly needed these days. When speaking about this career, one can probably encounter about medical billing and coding salary. This is a factor that is often reviewed and discussed especially on the case of aspiring medical billers. The discussion about medical coder salary covers a wide scope, and it can be observed that the salary of medical billing professionals vary depending on different factors. The medical billing salary depends upon the discretion of the company and expertise of the biller. Together with medical billing salary, one should also be concerned about what it feels like to be a medical billing professional. Before you can earn a particular salary, you have to work for it hard.

You also have to realize that being a medical coder means that you have to work well with different insurance companies. Medical billers have the capacity to study cases as well as verify and monitor facts that are closely related with the medical and insurance claims. A medical billing professional handles all the billing concerns and problems of patients. These professionals are also obliged to communicate and transact with patients in instances that insurance claims are unapproved. By doing all these major roles accurately and effectively, medical billers can expect higher medical billing salary.

Many are interested in the field of medical coding, and interested individuals are concerned about the medical coding salary that awaits them. The basic salary depends on the type and size of the company a medical biller is working on. If the company is doing well, the salaries of medical billing professionals will also be higher. Employees and medical coders who lack sufficient experience about the job may likely to receive lower medical billing salary as compared to those experienced employees. A general range of $20,000 to $50,000 medical billing salary is observed nowadays. However, this salary is still subject to change depending on the productivity and skills performed.


Practice Test and Guidelines to Pass the AAPC Coding Certification

medical coding specialist salaryIt is better to take some practice tests to have a well preparation for the AAPC CPC exam. Practice tests as well as the method of the exam are very crucial for a good preparation. Practice tests those are close to the question level and actual exam schedule are very useful.

AAPC Certified Professional Coder exam is not easy and feeling extreme need of integrated assistance for the exam is very common. Without proper guidance and practice it can be hard for one to pass the exam in the first attempt. This is the reason behind the necessity of a good quality practice test. These practice tests are useful to prepare for the paper.

Practice exam that is helpful to prepare its examinee for the actual exam is good one. It is important for you not to be surprised on the exam day as you already know what to expect.

Comprising 150 questions the AAPC’s CPC exam will allow you to complete the exam within 5 hours and 40 minutes.

We have well constructed questions and we are providing a full rationale for every question.

From the rationales you will get the appropriate answer as well as a good explanation to the support of its accurateness of the answer of each question and why all other options are incorrect. In addition to that there you will find reference to locate the answer in the medical coding books.

Studying the rationale of an answer might be an efficient way of learning the techniques of passing the CPC exam.

There are many programs for Medical Coding Practice Test which is a good approach for preparing for CPC exam. These packages facilitate more closer and real time exam experience to the CPC paper. You will be able to learn many things and methods that are very useful for the exam in real and steps for for higher medical coding specialist salary.

150 questions those are based on level and method used by the CPC exam are included in these CPC practice exam. Students are bound to attempt all the questions within the allocated time that is 5 hours and 40 minutes.

The practice test is to evaluate your following abilities that will help you for better preparation.

-The knowledge regarding coding guidelines
-The concept of conventions
-using suitable modifier
-Information of package types- bundling and global
-Acquaintance to the terminology used in medical coding

Price of the CPC practice paper is reasonable that is around $37. The package comprises 150 well constructed questions and an answer key for the paper. Study material containing necessary parts of the medical science is also included in this package. Rationale that is provided in this package will help you to take preparation very easily. This package is an effectual way for the preparation of actual exam scenario.

What are the Procedures to Get CPC Certification?

medical transcriptionist salaryAfter doing all your home works, you have decided that medical coding is appropriate for you, but the question; what are the procedures to Get CPC Certification? As we all know that, the procedure will be complex and long but the benefits once you have received the certification will give you top most remuneration. However, this article is dedicated to other germane information and detailing the process of receiving CPC certification and a pass for great huge medical transcriptionist salary opportunity.

First Procedure to Get CPC Certification

In the very first step in this process is to decide how much relevant knowledge you have already gathered on the topic that fully covers the tests (CPC certification). You must go through a long test (multiple-choice) administered by AAPC which is known as American Academy of Professional Coders, to get certified successfully. Nevertheless it is not easy so that you pass the exam just filling up for the test though. There are two requirements for the CPC certification:

1. Relevant experience approved by the AAPC (2 years): if you take either a 40 or 60 hour course then 6 months to 1 year of experience can be waived.

2. The fees that are applicable for the CPC Exam: the cost $260 for students of the Academy and $300 for non-students allows one free retake.

In order to get signed up for the test and receive your study materials, you must contact the AAPC. However, when you apply you will receive a packet of information detailing what will be covered by the CPC exam, what you will actually need for the exam and what you can do to prepare for the real exam. Just be sure to schedule your exam date after 6 weeks of submitting the application, because getting approval for your application can take up to 6 weeks.

Depending on the knowledge you previously have or possess, your practice or preparation for CPC certification may even take a more than a year. You may only need a simple preparation course and a practice exam only if you have the experience of working on a setting (medical) before and carefully looked at the things to be covered on the real test. Then, you may need to take a few online or in-class courses, if this is all very new to you.

The majority of your proficiency must not only be in how the reimbursement process works in medical institutions, but also in specific medical fields such as pathology, radiology and endocrinology. You can turn to your vocational school or community college for additional courses if you feel you are not fully knowledgeable in any of these aspects. You need to comprehend all sorts of medical situations as well as the codes for the terms properly, because the exam is based on fixed timing.

How Do People Pass Their AAPC CPC Exam on the First Attempt?

How to get CPC certificationThe question: is it possible to pass the medical coding certification exam on their first attempt? It is very natural to arise in your mind when you are thinking to take AAPC CPC exam. If so, how do they make the success? Although it is hard to come by official figures, rough estimates demonstrates that only forty to fifty percent among exam-takers can pass on their first try.

The medical coding certification exam is not easy target

Never mistake, the Certified Professional Coder certification or CPC exam is an exhausting marathon of an exam as it takes about 6 hours long. Medical Coding industry and its careers are growing rapid as there is push from federal to implement electronic health records like ICD-10. The result from this effort is better salaries and career options and another meaning is more competitive which you can read more here http://www.medicalcodingdata.com , since many other people like you are trying to become certified.

But people pass the CPC certification on their first attempt

The good news is that among all the examinees about 40-50 percent can pass the exam on their first attempt, and there is no reason that you will not be able to do the same. A simple survey reveals that, most of them who pass on the first attempt demonstrate the exam as sturdy. The common things shared by all of them are that, they have an excellent coding experience and are well-prepared. There are rare cases that some pass the exam although they are not experienced. The same pattern advised by almost all of them are:

• Official study guides review.
• Lots of AAPC mock exams and practice.
• Go for online blitz review videos and some coaching.
• Following the Strategies you have planned for answering questions.
• Great time management.

In case of failure retake the exam until you pass

Another noticeable thing from that advice is that those who passed was calm and not give up. Those who could not pass the exam at first attempt continued to retake the exam till they became passing. Very often it requires few attempts and improvement of your scores at each attempt is the sign of you are on right track. You have the opportunity of one retake within 12 months if you fail. So, utilizing your time best is the process of getting fully prepared.

Recover fast and learn from mistakes

It is better to scrutinize your problems before you retake the exam. The most critical and common issue complaint by them is the lack of time to finish the question answering. Those who passed on first attempt could finish answering full question although they felt it rough. Perfect time management, strategies for CPT Lookup and question answering are the best options to care to improve your chances.

Medical Coding and Billing Salary: Expectation vs. Reality

medical billing salaryWhen you hear the words “medical coding and billing salary”, do you imagine a 7 digit income with paid vacations and free health insurance? Or do you imagine some lonely, broke person doing routine clerical jobs at the back office of a hospital?

Well, to be completely honest and realistic, medical billing  salary depends on many things. This profession could either advance you to brighter opportunities or wear you down with its pressures.

Medical billers and coders have one of the most important jobs in the health care industry and are essential to the success of the business side of a health care facility, be it a hospital, research laboratory, private practice, etc.

What are the tasks of medical coders and billers?

Medical billers and coders work very closely together. Although in some firms, a medical biller and coder could be rolled into one, but their tasks are also distinct from each other.

Medical billers are the ones who review the records of patients, calculate the things charged to them by the hospital, submit insurance claims as well as assist patients in any questions and problems regarding their insurance. Medical billers know the workings of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Medicare and Medicaid.

On the other hand, medical coders abstract the information provided in a patient’s health record, then assign published codes and create claims to be paid by the patient’s insurance provider. A medical coder must be knowledgeable in CPT codes, ICD-9 codes and HCPCS codes to give the needed information to process an insurance claim.

What to Expect: Medical Coding and Billing salary

Medical coding and billing salary, according to a survey conducted by the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) in 2011, differ or vary based on the job description and the location.

For example, a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) can earn more or less $14.55 per hour while a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) can earn about $17 per hour. Medical billing and coding salary usually depends on the skills and specialization of an individual. For example, a Medicaid and Medicare Billing specialist can earn around $17 per hour while an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) specialist usually earns around $15. The more diverse a person’s skills and the more certifications he/she has, the higher salary he/she can have.

Meanwhile, the location of employment could affect the salary of an individual due to the standard of living and economy of a city or state – the higher the standard of living, the higher salary. Cities like New York, Boston and San Diego have the highest medical coding salary offers in the country.

Medical Coder Salary: Comprehensive and Certification are Very Significant

CPC certification coursesWhen patients usually go to a physician, someone will be responsible for writing and documenting the process and procedures that was done to them. This kind of service is compensated on the medical professional in an average rate that is determined by the insurance company as well as the government.

Comprehensive medical education and a certificate are two of the essential requirements of being a professional or licensed medical coder which you can get from CPC certification courses. Being a medical coder in not as easy as what individuals think. They translate the information that they gathered in a chart to the billing method or system. Medical coders should be detail oriented to have a high degree of accuracy in their work. They also have enough knowledge about different medical terms or terminology, physiology, and anatomy. They should also have the ability to understand the medical coding regulations and rules.

The medical coder salary tends to be higher if individuals have the certificate that is required before they are hired as a medical coder. When they pass all the needed requirements especially the certificate, their salary is more likely to increase. Medical coder salary is not like the salary of other jobs in the medical industry. For them, it is significant to have a higher salary especially when they have their own family.

When the medical coder salary is high, individuals can surely keep and save their excess money for their extra needs, pay bills and other things. In this generation, money is truly significant due to poverty. A lot of people today are suffering from poverty that’s why they are doing their best in searching jobs that are suitable and match in their abilities and knowledge as well as have a good salary.

In addition, medical coder is the most in demand job in the world of medicine, due to its good salary. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people are taking medical courses that have a connection and involvement in becoming a medical coder in an effort to earn a significant amount of salary. It is also difficult to be a medical coder because it needs the right information and document to chart in the system of billing. Even if it is difficult, still a lot of people are achieving to have this kind of job. Everyone must finish their studies to have a regular and white color job. They should also strive to become aware of the different aspects of the field that they are in.

Medical Coding and Billing Salary: Is it Really One of the Highest in the Medical Field?

Today, the labor industry has become supremely aggressive and competitive. That’s why individuals must be diligent and efficient so that they have better chances of being qualified and hired to the job or profession that they are dreaming of. For the past years, some people are not able to gain enough learning or experience for them to find the job that suits they education and qualifications. There are numerous individuals who plans to enter the medical industry but do not have an idea about the salary that they will receive on a particular medical profession that they want to work.

medical billing and coding salary

There is in increasing need for individuals who have medical backgrounds or experience. In this regard, it is essential that they know the medical coding and billing salary that they will receive so that they can determine if they are well compensated for the job that they are performing.

Medical Coding and Billing Salary are one of the areas or field of the medicine that is very in demand. That is why before you come in college degree, you must choose medical courses that have a relation with Medical Coding and Billing Salary.

Medical Coding and Billing Salary is the latest field in medicine that a lot of students are taking. When there are people who have a specialization in this kind of field, they can be a keeper of medical records containing important information or details about the patient’s conditions and treatments, insurance and several personal medications. This people are also responsible for managing the physicians and hospital billing system or method as well as sending the payments in the insurance company.

Numerous medical institutes as well as health care providers are offering training in medical coding to accompany in the demand positions. This training for medical coding is usually required the people to have the needed tools, knowledge, and ideas to become a good record keeper as well as to know and to understand the systems in coding that used in entire insurance company.

Medical Billing Salary are usually the hiring positions in several hospitals and clinics. They the people who are fully qualified in this kind of job as well as they know the right medical coding training. It is very important to have a when you have right profession because you truly apply your learning in your studies and trainings.